SART Toolkit

The SART Toolkit is a unique resource offered by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC). NSVRC is funded by the Office on Victims of Crime (OVC) and has many resources. The Toolkit is an educational tool for multi-disciplinary agencies to develop and maintain a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in their community. The purpose of a SART Team is to implement a comprehensive, sensitive, coordinated system of intervention and care for sexual assault victims. The SART Toolkit provides technical assistance, latest information, upcoming events, and other resources. The SART Toolkit is written and constantly updated by SART team experts and organizations. To access SART Toolkit, go to and create your account by registering with the website. The SART Toolkit also provides an opportunity to interchange information among members using the website. You can submit your information to the same website after you are registered.

7th Annual SART Summit Recap


7th Annual SART Summit: A Multi-Disciplinary Conference
September 4-6, 2018
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina,
San Diego, California

California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center (CCFMTC) in conjunction with the California District Attorney Association (CDAA) held the 7th annual multi-disciplinary SART Summit conference in San Diego, California. During the conference, inspirational speakers from different disciplines were represented. The following topics were discussed: Reducing Gender Bias in Sexual Assault Response and Investigation, Start by Believing: Improving Responses-One Disclosure at a Time, A Survivor’s Story of Sexual Assault, Research: Epidemiological Data from Over 5,000 Sexual Assault Forensic Medical Exams, updated CAL OES 2-923 Forensic Medical Report Form from the Field, Sexual Assault Updates and Victim-Centered initiatives, Preparing for a New Day: National Trends, Innovative Approaches, and National Developments.

Participants from various fields attended the conference: 57 prosecutors; 68 law enforcement officers; 24 criminalists; 65 SAFE/SANE examiners; 3 mental health specialists; 2 military personnel; 5 social services, and outreach program specialist for total of 330 participants. This multi-disciplinary conference included SART Team representatives from 42 counties in California.

The conference accomplished its goals to inform attendees about the field’s current practices, ensure networking opportunities, and provide information and guidance about meeting new challenges in the field.